Dialysis and Kidney Transplant

Good luck Devon!


Transplant illustration The transplanted kidney is placed in the lower abdomen and connected to the urinary tract and the various blood vessels nearby. The original kidneys are not removed in this process unless they pose a health risk.

Okay ya’ll.  I’m going for the transplant.

I signed up for the Transplant list with Harris Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas.  So, if you readers with two kidneys happen to be there….  LOL

I’ll keep you informed as I venture along with highway.

Here’s what’s transpired so far.  A few weeks back, as my nephrologist made his rounds in the dialysis center, he said, “Devon, you should get on the Transplant List”.  I responded with the obligatory, “Yeah, I should do that.”  Then a couple days later, I went to the vascular surgeon to have my periodic visit regarding my fistula (I like to have him check it a couple times a year because…

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