One Family’s Story on Medicare Advantage

Advocacy in Action

In 2013 my son was diagnosed with ESRD at the age of only 23.  Once diagnosed, we had to make many decisions in a very short period of time.  They included preparing for dialysis, choosing a dialysis center and type of dialysis, training for home hemo dialysis, starting dialysis, surgeries, medication management, ordering of medical dialysis supplies, getting on the transplant waitlist, searching for and ultimately finding a non-related living kidney donor, signing up for social security income, understanding and signing up for Medicare and Medicaid, understanding how Commercial Group Health insurance, Medicare Advantage plan, and Medicaid all work together.  Then post-transplant, a whole new set of issues faced us, like continued medical follow up, medical testing, immunosuppressive medications, social issues, and my son finding a job.

When he was diagnosed my son had coverage under our Commercial Group Family Insurance plan in Pennsylvania.  We had a good primary care…

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